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Tickets collection

tickets collection

I collect tickets continuously for several years. All of them! I am interested as well in Polish tickets as in those from other countries. From bus, tram, train, plane, ship, etc. Also I collect tickets not connected with transportation... Just all...

Do you have some unnecessary used or expired tickets? Please, help us to improve our collection and send them to us! Thank you.

Tickets from our collection has been seen as the core of the exhibition organized to commemorate the 75th anniversary of public transport in Gdynia, Poland. Also a monography book on public transport in Poland, is illustrated with our tickets. However, you don't need to look for this book - a part of our collection is available now for everyone! Please, visit my other webpage dedicated to our collection.

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tickets collection

Title photo:
public transport ticket from Kraków, the special issue on the 600th anniversary of the Cracow Academy (now: Jagiellonian University) re-founding.
The photo above:
a piece of public transport ticket from the city of Lublin, with no existing date printed on it (just a curiosity).

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