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In a one sentence

I use artificial intelligence methods to gain a new knowledge
for protein and RNA structures and their functions in a cell.


In more details

My research field is called structural bioinformatics (RNA and protein structures). Currently I work on classification and prediction intramolecular interactions within RNA structures.

Within my area of interest are also such challenges:
- RNA and protein tertiary structure prediction
- intramolecular interaction prediction
- RNA-RNA, RNA-protein and protein-protein interaction prediction
- binding sites identification
- miRNA and siRNA targets prediction
- miRNA sites identification
- RNA and protein function prediction
- metabolic pathways construction and analyzis

In my research artifitial intelligence machine learning algoritms are proposed, implemented and tested. Created applications are implemented mostly in python.


Finished projects

Previously I worked on image processing, automatic recognition and computational understanding applied to medical and biological problems.

Prostate cancer diagnosis - perfusion computed tomography (PCT) examinations were conducted and my task was to construct algorithm which could automatically decide if on the presented image the cancer is visible and if is, where exactly is it located.


Pathological proteins in blood serum identification - the recognition was based on two-dimentional images aquired in two-dimentional electrophoresis (the second separation after a ligand addition, which enables more accurate differentation). I developed dedicated algorithm to automatically identification protein fractions, and calculation of percentage amount of each of them in the given sample.


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