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My name is Jacek Śmietański. I am a researcher at the Jagiellonian University, Institute of Computer Science. My University is located in the beautiful city of Kraków, former capital of Poland, which is the leading Polish academic and scientific center.

My interdisciplinary research focuses on the artificial intelligence and machine learning computational methods, applied to medical, biological, biotechnological and other life sciences problems.

Particularly I conduct my research in the field of structural bioinformatics and systems biology. I am familiar with such challenges as the tertiary RNA and protein structure prediction, intra- and intermolecular interactions prediction. The miRNA molecules are of my special interest. As for systems biology, I try to model and predict different molecular interaction networks.

Python is my favorite programing language.

Previously I also worked with the biological and medical images (eg. identification of cancer tissues in the CT images), which resulted with some fully automated applications dedicated to analyze, process and understand specific medical or biological images. I wrote a book about images processing, recognition and understanding.

Experienced teacher. Author of specialistic courses: "bioinformatics" and "structural bioinformatics".

After work I collect tickets (see my Tickets Museum). I also play geocaching.

Feel free to contact me if you need any further information or if you are interested in scientific collaboration.

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